Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


How to hack fuel pump to get extra FUEL : It works!!

I know almost everybody are hurting when price is going to shoot USD 200 per barrel (1 barrel = 117.347765 litre; current Malaysia price: RM 2.70/litre). Here some tips: 1) ONLY BUY OR FILL UP YOUR CAR OR BIKKIE IN THE EARLY MORNING WHEN THE GROUND TEMPERATURE IS STILL COLD. Remember that all service stations…


Made in Malaysia

I’m sure you could only find this only in Malaysia To conclude, Malaysia Boleh!! p/s: Credit to Atoque rock.


Amber Chia hot action : The next Sufiah Yusof?

Here the next Malaysian that have made Malaysia in top of the world about :- “SEX”. I believe she’s not selling her body for “SEX” but abviously she using her “sexual” attraction to gain money. Here the screen shot of her self at Playboy. What we could conclude here? Malaysian woman are pretty. Don’t you…

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