Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


Official Bush shoe throw game(by POPJAM) and video footage

I think many of us would like to have opportunity to throw shoes to Bush. While I’m not sure about tight securities around him and jail sentence waiting for you, I bring you opportunity to show your skills that Muntazer al-Zaidi missed Watch their video here.. missed twice.. huh.. httpv://


10 Extra Income Ideas

I believe many of us are in recession and retrenched period. All your effort on jobs flew away. making things worst you have maintenance to take care off. So what’s your option? Here I listout some tips on making extra income. Feel free to choose which one fits you.: Real estate investing: Current economic down…


Surviving a Layoff a.k.a retrenchment

Surviving a Layoff This is a survival guide for laid off workers and their families. Reading this won’t get you a new job, but it can make the transition to a new job easier. After a layoff, people find new jobs, get additional training or change careers. The time involved may be a few days,…

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