Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


Tips: How to download video

I’m pretty sure many of us would like to have Youjizz video collection.. but you have to purchase to have full access to the video.. wait no more as there’s solution to download you “most wanted video” Tools:- 1) Free Download Manager 2) Google Chrome 3) Minor skill of web programming Technique:- 1) Open…


Sex suspicious become traumatic : another blunder from Perak religious Management

Sex become famous story in Malaysia nowday and even religous departments hardly being given a hard time to deliver their jobs and even flops in their jobs. Zuraida Zainul Abdin, here with her three children, says the religious department officers even searched the ceiling of her house   IPOH: It’s 4am and three strangers barge…


Windows famous Blue Screen of Death – BSOD

I believe this main reason people hates Microsoft. I can’t image when you running spaceship and suddenly BSOD happen.. Enjoy.

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