Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


Semak senarai PLKN, website easily can be hacked

I suspect they hired juniors to handle their PLKN list as it easily be hacked. Proof is here. Error Type: Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80040E14) Here we could determine they are using Access Database, so by referring to , you could start practicing your hacking skill. Enjoy!


Maybank2u fake website : art of programming

today I encounter very interesting way of phishing website. They totally using CSS of original website and have same UI. this is dangerous as any layman will taken the bite and accidently given freely their login. *phishing website whois ??   Domain Name………. Creation Date…….. 2008-08-19 Registration Date…. 2008-08-19 Expiry Date………. 2009-08-19 Organisation Name…. Geoffrey Mitchell Organisation Address. P O Box 99800 Organisation Address. Organisation Address. EmeryVille Organisation Address. 94662 Organisation Address. CA Organisation Address. US…


Tremendous trafic for today : Unique visitors or DDOS wordspew attack?

I sincerely appologies to my visitors as my server is down. I had receive 200 visitors per hour due to my previous post and also receive DDOS attack on wordspew plugin. Pages-URL (Top 10) 127 different pages-url Viewed Average size Entry Exit /jin/wp-content/plugins/wordspew/wordspew.php 150160 357 Bytes 254 1279 /blog/index.php 6647 38.02 KB 3436 1401 /jin/index.php…

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