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Entrecard credit dilemma : Selling on Ebay

After achieving as top Entrecard seller, many wonder what happen I’m not continuing selling Entrecard credits through Ebay. Today I stumble upon again with email from Ebay:

Dear *****,Please note that since April 16, 2008, goods that are digitally downloaded or transferred electronically can no longer be sold on This change helps address the use of digitally delivered items in manipulating Feedback. More details are available from the Digitally Delivered Goods Policy page. The sale of digitally delivered items is now also restricted or prohibited on many other eBay sites. Find out more about changes in key international markets at the respective policy pages: Digitally Delivered Goods Policy Downloadable Media Policy Downloadable Media Policy Digitally Delivered Goods Policy

Here the policy the restricted me from selling Entrecard credits:

Digital goods are often reproduced at little to no cost to the seller. On eBay, this creates the potential for Feedback Manipulation. To preserve the integrity of the Feedback system, all goods that can be digitally downloaded or transferred electronically are prohibited on

Listings of digitally delivered items that breach any of these requirements are in breach of this policy.

Breaches of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
  • Loss of PowerSeller status
  • Account suspension
  • Referral to law enforcement
  • Referral to the rights owner, with disclosure of personal contact information

Examples of items that sellers are not permitted to list on eBay:

  • An MP3 file
  • An eBook
  • Wallpaper for a computer
  • Recipes in electronic format

They say Malaysian are bind to this Legislation:

But there’s conflict as I’m selling Entrecard that I hardly earn through advertisement!! I think we need Entrecard management to talk EBay staff to have clear picture of Entrecard Business Model.

Also please read on clash with Ebay policies within country-Malaysia, UK and USA.

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