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Grandma setup Facebook and blogspot on her election campaign !

Malaysia election going nuts again. Grandma have volunteer herself to become ADUN (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri)!! wtf!! She even have setup Facebook and have own blogspot (younger candidates should be shame don’t have one!) Here some story:

Grandma on Facebook and has her own blog

KUALA TERENGGANU: Maimun Yusuf, the oldest candidate in the general election, has gone “hip” – she has her own Facebook networking profile, a Gmail account, and even her own blog.

Her fresh approach to wooing voters has raised eyebrows in the political scene here, even putting to shame the younger candidates.

The 89-year-old Maimun admitted that everything was new to her, but felt blessed that three good samaritans, all complete strangers, lent a helping hand in making her a star in cyberspace.

On Nomination Day, the grandmother of seven had told pressmen that she would need help, and would accept any form of divine intervention.

Getting help: Maimun being briefed by Ong (left) and Gobi about her posters at her house at Gong Gemia in Kuala Terengganu yesterday as Sim (right) looks on.

“These three men helping me now are definitely angels.

Saya rasa seronok! (I feel good),” squealed the kain songket trader who is contesting the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat.

Tok Mun, as she is fondly known, said she felt intimidated when a large black SUV drove up to her dilapidated kampung house in Gong Gemia here on Wednesday.

Little did she expect 24-year-old Brian Ong, owner of an education consulting firm in Shanghai, to greet her.

Ong, who was accompanied by his two friends M. Gobi, 30, and Sim, 32, (as he wanted to be known), confessed that he was initially worried if Tok Mun would accept his help.

“We got word of Tok Mun when we saw her in the papers and well, we just wanted to help.

“Finding her house was a bit of an adventure though,” said Ong, who lives in Selangor.

The trio got straight to work, creating a blog (, a facebook profile and even an e-mail account ( for her.

“It’s quite the eleventh hour, but we all had various commitments and couldn’t come earlier.

“We truly just want to help her because she is fighting for a good cause,” said Ong.

Here Is her not so funny picture:

You can even find her at YouTube:

And to shock me, she shows some transperancy on her campaign:

Kos yang ditanggung oleh Maimun Yusuf (Cost borne by Maimun Yusuf)

Registration: RM10000.00 (note: forfeited if the candidate fails to secure 1/8 of the total votes)
Posters (6000 copies): ~RM700.00
Pondok (2 units): RM300.00
Badges: unknown
Petrol of part-time volunteers (Encik Yusuf and Encik Ariffin): unknown
Phone calls: unknown
Car rental fee: unknown

Kos yang ditanggung oleh sukarelawan dari Kuala Lumpur (Cost borne by KL volunteers)

Accommodation in Gerik budget hotel: RM55.00
Accommodation in Kuala Terengganu hotel: RM150.00

Food (March 4): RM58.50
Food (March 5): RM 83.70
Food (March 6): RM21.00

Petrol & Toll: RM370.00 (from KL to Ipoh to Penang to Gerik to KL only)

20 campaign T-shirts: RM200.00
Stamp for T-shirts: RM60.00
Chop for Maimun Yusuf’s email and blog address: RM35.00
10 caps: RM80.00

Phone calls to coordinate among volunteers: ~RM20.00

Internet cafe fees (March 5): RM25.50
Internet cafe fees (March 6): RM14.50
USB cable: RM30.00

Now I wonder why JeffOoi need so much money on her campaign? Are Malaysian expending too much on Election Campaign? What if we sparring both grandma and JeffOoi together? Here the outcome:


What I notice grandma is more creative where she puts vote me campaign, unlike JeffOoi where I could see nothing on his blog “Vote ME” or anything related. Seems like not serious at all. He just ask for donation, not campaigning “please vote me…”

S o I assume, blogger always a blogger.. talk much, ads monitoring and talk rubbish, talk studipish.. I can’t imagine how this two bloggers could represent people as Prime Minister?


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