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How to earn money online by blogging? Blogger dilemma.

Many of my friends keep asking me how do I earn online money. Hmmm i’m sure there’s lot of example out there but they seems not to “TRUST” any example provided by ‘gurus’ as they say to good to be true. Whats my point of view is that should be part of real-life marketing. You can’t simply do nothing and earn easy money. It’s hard work that pay.

As for someone new, they keep asking any example of blog marketing program that pay. It’s hard to determine as we don’t have agreement “black and white” that they will pay (even google nowdays delay their payments).

Let’s take this new blog marketing program – Snapbomb for example. As they are new, it’s hard for any new marketeer to have a trust they are paying. But as my big point here – it’s part of marketing – “You never try, you will get nothing”.

First thing you need to remember is, “Less is more”. As you have to start from scratch, please don’t expect to earn big compare to ‘gurus’ out there. I’m sure many of them have to ‘make their hands dirty’ first, before gaining their income.

The best method to earn online money if from “ONLINE TRADING”. See here for real ‘gurus’ of online trading of Malaysia.



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