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Lack of Leadership : Emotional Intelligence (EI) review for Malaysia political leadership

As it seems Malaysia almost lack of leadership quality, I notice one aspect that many leaders lack of. Emotional Intelligence or well known as EI is the key aspect many political leaders in Malaysia overlook. Many debate understanding other is not key element in politics but it seems they totally wrong.

Below is the example of people who lack of Emotional Intelligence:-

Taken from

Soi Lek defends road signs in other languages
KUALA LUMPUR: Putting up of road signs in other languages besides Bahasa Malaysia should not be seen as being disrespectful to the national language.

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said they should be for the convenience of foreign tourists.

“Bahasa Malaysia as the official language is accepted by all Malaysians.

“It is protected by the Constitution and no one should question its status.

“One should not be emotional and confrontational on language issues. These issues have been resolved by our forefathers,” Dr Chua said in his blog.

“Bahasa Malaysia should be an agent of unity and all Malaysians have accepted it. But do not deprive others of learning other languages,” he added.

On another matter, Dr Chua said it was not logical that Bukit Bendera Umno divison chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail, who was suspended by the party, be given a hero’s welcome by the division at its recent meeting.

“He was given a keris and headdress befitting a Malay warrior. It defies logic when he is still suspended by the Umno supreme council.

“The welcoming ceremony was in defiance of the supreme council. Bukit Bendera Umno will find it difficult to get non-Malay support.

“Common sense seems to be lacking in some Umno grassroots leaders. Political leaders who make racial statements from both political divides are plenty in our country,” he added.

Truely it shows leaders are lack of EI concept:-

  1. Self-awareness — the ability to read one’s emotions and recognize their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions.
  2. Self-management — involves controlling one’s emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.
  3. Social awareness — the ability to sense, understand, and react to others’ emotions while comprehending social networks.
  4. Relationship management — the ability to inspire, influence, and develop others while managing conflict.

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