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Malaysia Dreamgirl scandal got more steamy?

It seems this new reality show become more steamy. If you don’t trust me, just see picture below.


Now it makes me clear why they are not putting as TV show as this will be banned by PAS management :) . I’m not promoting any adults content or porn here, but I notice you could see one of the candidates’ t*ts!! wtf!! (you’ll know who if you browse carefully :) ) . I also notice most of them quite skinny (not my taste :) ) but what the heck.. all model are skinny.

BTw, I’ve to pick my champion here..hmmm I think I’ll go for Hanis as she’s more feminine to me :)

p/s: Don’t ask me how I manage to get exactly like their site :) .


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  1. for me, fiqa and nadia looks like freekin’ h****

  2. If you rip off someone else’s flash interface and place it on your website without permission, don’t feel too proud about it. That’s stealing pure and simple.

  3. Jimmy,

    If you claim I steal it, I got question for you.

    1) How could I as lousy webmaster could steal content from good programmer like you?
    2) What’s protection measurement have you did to avoid someone steal your content?
    3) Are you neglect best practice on web programming?
    4) As this reality show have lot’s of sponsorship, are you not doing your job well to protect content?
    5) Am I claiming content my content?
    6) Am I stripping copyright embosed on each picture?
    7) Are you so sensitive when I’m blogging on the dark side of your contents?

    As I’m part of marketing affiliate and have apply for blog contest, I do believe I could promote malaysiandreamggirl contents as like other winners did

    I notice some of you’re winner even worst than me. Do picture capturing from your online tv, then upload contents without putting embosed watermark!! that’s more pathetic!! This what I call FLAW everywhere!! Even choose winner from someone who totally clearly do copycat content!! Where to find it? Do your own research!! :)

    Oh yes. Forgot to mention. Most my traffic search for AF6 not ..

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    p/s: this should describe me now:

  4. Just because it’s easy doesn’t make stealing right. It’s just like going in to a bank and stealing. You didn’t go and steal the money. No, that’s way too protected. So instead you go into a bank and steal a pen. That’s so much easier. Then, you come out and tell your friends how pretty it is. All the while everybody can see how cheap you are haveing taken something out that is not yours. And don’t go around bragging about lack of security in a bank just because you can steal a pen.

    So go ahead. Enjoy what you have done.

  5. @Jimmy
    Pen at bank? Ahhh… so you’re using this term to tell everybody this how you protect your FLASH content. If it’s true, is it something like this?
    How Jiimy Chong from protecting FLASH content

    No wonder its not secure at all.

    As I say earlier, please show me how to steal “flash” file from a site. If you do, I will freely share that knowledge with everybody plus mentioning your skill plus promoting your name. How about that?

    BTW, maybe university syllabuses haven’t taught students how to protect web contents!

    Just admit you have not learn how to protect your content. I’ll show you how to protect those.
    *taken from

    Protect Flash Files from Being Downloaded

    Thanks to Graham Ellis for the awesome time he donated to help me understand some of the finer points of PHP. He is a true PHP genius!

    Protecting Flash files: the example

    Try your hand at downloading the Flash .swf movie in this example .


    Create a file called .htaccess in the root folder on your server if you don’t already have one, and insert the following line to it:

    1. AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .swf

    Modifying your htaccess file by adding this line will not affect other Flash files on your website.

    The HTML

    You need to add two things to the page that the Flash movie will play on; first, add lines 1-3 to the very top of your page. And second, add lines 9-11 to your page directly above the object tag. Lastly, change the extension of the page to .php so your server will know to parse the language instead of writing it to the page.

    1. <?php
    2. session_start();
    3. ?>
    4. <html>
    5.   <head>
    6.     <title>Flash</title>
    7.   </head>
    8.   <body>
    9. <?php
    10. $_SESSION["flash"] = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"];
    11. ?>
    12.     <object width=”550″ height=”400″>
    13.       <param name=”movie” value=”flash.swf”>
    14.       <embed src=”flash.swf” width=”550″ height=”400″></embed>
    15.     </object>
    16.   </body>
    17. </html>

    The PHP

    Here’s where the real muscle comes in. While the HTML calls for flash.swf, it won’t technically be a Flash file; it’ll be a PHP file. Create a new file on your computer called flash.txt, open it up to edit, and insert the following code into it. Upload the file to your server and change the extension from txt to swf. This is the file that your HTML will link to instead of the real Flash movie.

    1. <?php
    2. session_start();
    3. if(isset($_SESSION["flash"])) {
    4.   $referrer = $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];
    5.   $referrer = parse_url($referrer);
    6.   if($referrer["host"] != $_SESSION["flash"]) {
    7.     echo “Permission denied.”;
    8.     exit();
    9.   }
    10. } else {
    11.   echo “Permission denied.”;
    12.   exit();
    13. }
    14. unset($_SESSION["flash"]);
    15. header(“Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash”);
    16. readfile(“/home/www/private/real_movie.swf”);
    17. ?>

    The only change you need to make to this file is on line 19. Replace /home/www/private/flash.swf with the full server path to the Flash movie you want to play. If you don’t know your full server path, you can find it by creating this PHP file and viewing it in your browser:

    1. <?php
    2. echo $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"];
    3. ?>

    The ideal spot to put the real .swf file would be a place on your server where browsers can’t go such as a password protected directory or in a private folder outside of the document root.

    How does this protect my Flash files from being downloaded?

    The first thing that happens is the HTML page creates a session (sessions are kind of like cookies) and then it opens the PHP script as if it were a genuine Flash file. The session contains the domain of the site, and a quick check is performed to see if the domain requesting the flash file is the same as the domain where the flash file is located. If it doesn’t match or the session was never created, the page simply reads, Permission Denied.

    BTW this method will decrease degree of promoting your contents. Instead let all marketing affiliates or bloggers do promote your super rich content by providing embeded code to their blog. I’m sure this will boost your web rating and you could drive more sponsorship.

    Here the strategy. You propose embeded code to your superior and earn salary increase and Job bonus. How about that? Fair enough?

    p/s: have you learned cross domain FLASH server request web execution? Should do one then..

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