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  Matrix Plus
Synopsis: The MATRIX Plus is the most advanced PROBLEM SOLVING software toolkit available. Matrix Plus is a software tool used to solve conflict resolution situations which forms part of the Systematic Innovation method. The tool is built on the discovery – following the analysis of close to three million innovations – that breakthroughs occur when inventors and problem solvers successfully challenge and eliminate the conflicts, trade-offs and paradoxes that we normally assume to be unchallengeable. Whether you are facing a technical, business or IT problem, Matrix PLUS gives you direct access to all of the trade-off eliminating strategies used by others facing a situation like yours. Someone, somewhere already solved your problem; here is the software that shows you how they did it..
Synopsis: EvPot+ offers the world’s most comprehensive tool for analysing the evolutionary maturity of a technical, business or software system. Based on the analysis of close to three million innovations , the software allows the user to analyse the status of their current system , and then, based on the trend stages that have not yet been exploited, accurately and objectively predict where the system will evolve in the future . This is one of the main tools we offer for not only reliably predicting the future, but also providing comprehensive guidance on generating, protecting and circumventing intellectual property.
  Perception PlusSynopsis: Perception Mapping is rapidly becoming recognised as the world’s most effective means of managing complex problem situations. Missing data, conflicting opinions and high levels of fuzziness and uncertainty are typical characteristics of nearly all business and management decisions, and a large proportion of technical ones. The Perception Mapping software tool offers a uniquely simple, zero learning curve problem modelling capability . The tool allows users to interactively transform raw input perceptions into an automatically generated map showing which perceptions are more important than others, and from there how best to generate breakthrough, win-win solutions .

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