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Selangor will become PIG state – RM100million pig projects !! Pakatan RAKYAT bloopers

Way to go PAS-PKR-DAP!! At last Selangor will become pig state!! I can’t see is PIG will benefit me as SELANGOR resident??


I as MUSLIM, don’t even dare touching PIG. How about eating? Totally insane!! Are they not learning any lessons that PIG have create deadly Nipah virus on Negeri Sembilan and Melaka state? Do they know that how hard they burn those PIGs, viruses inside PIG won’t die.

As they claim this would be modern PIG shelter, I don’t see where all contaminate water will be pour in. Sea near SEPANG?

Who the person responsible for this projects? Theresa Kok.

Why is this project being done even PIG carries deadly NIPAH viruses ?

After do some research, this come to my mind.


THERESA KOK CELEBRATE HER WINNING WITH 5 ROASTED PIG!! I so wonder if that pig is sponsorship from person who got this RM100million projects?

WALLA!!! B**BE??


p/s: Ikan sembilang more profitable than PIG.


5 Responses

  1. u think u r muslim can’t touch pig then all malaysian need to follow u? Pls la napolean muslim, malaysia is the multi racial country.

    Go back primary school study history la and remember read more newspaper when free. Dun just posting Blog like orang utan. Thinking urself is “bumiputera”?

    Malaysia multi racial so everybody can eat PIG.

    I’m proud to be chinese!

    Go to hell bumiputera!!

  2. Simple comment from me..


    Check this hot story first and let see who fail history..

    p/s: don’t worry… just eat as many pig as u want…

  3. ini olang manyak bodoh,

    olang cakap pasai babi dia melalut sampai bumiputela,
    sapa suluh lu punya nenek datang sini angkut najis sikalang
    tatak puas ati pasai bumiputela pula

    ini orang cina bukit la

    racist -aku benci cina ini macam

    go to hell /balik cina la belum boleh makan babi banyak banyak

    lu boleh dapat bumiputera sana

  4. I think u not only fail ur history but oso never learn bout biology even dun know how ur parent born u.

    if all pig got nipah then all cow got mad cow syndrom, u eat more la. then soon u become mad cow napolean muslim….haha

    im Proud to be chinese singaporean..

  5. lor… no wonder from singapore..

    I believe Malaysian chinese are far more better than our neighbour then. Chinese here are more educated and tolerence..

    hmm… what a shame..

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