Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


Adverlets being hacked!

Today at 5.00p.m (GMT +8) i’m the first to notice adverlets being hacked by (see whois). It’s not hard for me where have they hack They have replace “” file into if( cHeight <= 200 ) { = “”; } How did they inject? have you heard AJAX injection? SOLUTION Remove temporarily…


Myths and Traps of Earning Money on the Internet

For a new online entrepreneur, the Internet is a wild frontier full of promising unknowns. The newbies often think of the Internet as the new business medium that produces overnight millionaires. The Internet is THE wave of the future, and everyone who wants financial success simply must be on board.


My earning after 2 days

This what I earn so far :- # Name Earning 1 RM0.167 2 RM 0.00 3 $25.00 4 $0.75 5 $0.55 6 $0.00       TOTAL =  RM 86.96 So…what’s next?

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