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Rockers vs Bloggers – not so funny

At first glance, you may not think rockstars and bloggers are a lot alike. However, when you look a little closer you see why bloggers are the rockstars of the business world. Keep strange hours Rockstars – Play a show at 10pm. Party until 3am. Sleep until 3pm. Bloggers – Start work at 9am. Break…


10 Quick Facts About XSS Viruses and Worms

10 Quick Facts About XSS Viruses and Worms What You Need to Know Now XSS Outbreaks: 1.” Are likely to originate on popular websites with community-driven features such as social networking, blogs, user reviews, message boards, chat rooms, web mail, and wikis. 2.” Can occur at any time because the vulnerability (Cross-Site Scripting) required for…


My earning after 2 days

This what I earn so far :- # Name Earning 1 RM0.167 2 RM 0.00 3 $25.00 4 $0.75 5 $0.55 6 $0.00       TOTAL =  RM 86.96 So…what’s next?

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