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Malaysian Army Badge list

Sharing is caring. Here is full list how Malaysian Army’s Badge looks like lans koperal, koperal, sarjan, staf sarjan, pegawai waran 2, pegawai waran 1, leftenan muda, leftenan, kapten, mejar, leftenan kolenal, brigedier jeneral, mejar jeneral, leftenan jeneral, jeneral


Malaysia company retrenchment list : 2009 year of retrenchment

I know it sound silly doing this list but atleast we have some database of company affected. Please help me updating this thread as I need more source from all visitors. thanks in advance. *disclaimer : this list does not reflect anything. Green-<50 workers ; Yellow<100-51 workers ; Red>100 workers 1) Western Digital in Kuching…


Malaysia 29 MP name list who can’t do their work

Aiyoyo…I think those MP only know how to collect their salary.. here actually what happen. *taken from here Vocal MPs rapped for not sending queries to ParliamentKUALA LUMPUR: Fourteen Opposition MPs, some of whom had been very vocal when campaigning before the general election, have been heavily criticised on websites for squandering their chance to…

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