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Malaysia company retrenchment list : 2009 year of retrenchment

I know it sound silly doing this list but atleast we have some database of company affected. Please help me updating this thread as I need more source from all visitors. thanks in advance. *disclaimer : this list does not reflect anything. Green-<50 workers ; Yellow<100-51 workers ; Red>100 workers 1) Western Digital in Kuching…


Retrenchment in Malaysia : Alarm bell being push(ed) !!

I know Malaysia government try to hide the news but after Jobstreet itself create such ads, we could conclude Malaysia will go to retrenchment period worst than 1998. Of course I also involve in retrench now, so people please do take action by browsing here:-


Malaysia going retrenchment period: contradict to government prediction

As I also will be retrenched near future (my company can’t produce any dates..yet), it’s good every individual knowing what’s their right and action need to be taken by both employer and employee. Below action that being suggest by Malaysian Human Resources Minister. PETALING JAYA: At least 4,749 workers, mostly from the electronics sector, will…

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