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Malaysian Army Badge list

Sharing is caring. Here is full list how Malaysian Army’s Badge looks like lans koperal, koperal, sarjan, staf sarjan, pegawai waran 2, pegawai waran 1, leftenan muda, leftenan, kapten, mejar, leftenan kolenal, brigedier jeneral, mejar jeneral, leftenan jeneral, jeneral


Malaysian protest on fuel hike : 13 June 2008.. on my birthday!!

As today is my birthday, Malaysian are celebrating with demonstration for fuel hike. See the video for proof. httpv://


Malaysian Dreamgirl – another Malaysia reality show – online viewers only!!

I’m sure not so many people have heard this brand new reality show, but trust me it’s worth it as it’s gather almost not so beautiful lady. Here teaser picture.. As this teaser picture almost like one of my wet dream, many would like to see their candidate.. WTF!! non of them could erect me..…

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