Mess with the best, die like the rest… 


Playing online game and earn lot of prizes! making money opportunity in Malaysia

Some may say, too good to be true is a scam. Yet other who have experienced this will say, “It’s an opportunity!”.Those who have long in gaming industry knowing online game is a good opportunity to make residual income. As in malaysia there’s not so many professional gamers, I think Malaysian could also use online…


Entrecard Credits does give money!

At first thought it’s hard to believe Entrecard could convert from credits. BUT IT DOES!! I just sold ENTRECARD!! Please check EBAY if you would like to buy any of my ENTRECARD or your could email me personally and ask your price. THX ENTRECARD!!


How to earn money online by blogging? Blogger dilemma.

Many of my friends keep asking me how do I earn online money. Hmmm i’m sure there’s lot of example out there but they seems not to “TRUST” any example provided by ‘gurus’ as they say to good to be true. Whats my point of view is that should be part of real-life marketing. You…

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