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Diablo 3 tips:- 7 random wizard tips

1. WTF is Cold Blooded?
- If a monster is chilled/frozen, ALL your attacks (and your attacks only) will deal an additional 20%. It does not care who applies the actual freezing.

2. Blood Magic – replacement of LoH
- That 1.5% lifesteal does not work with Archon

3. Familiar
- Familiar attacks DO NOT proc LoH, AoC, or CM

4. my Wizard is Under-geared and don’t know what build to use?
- Try this all-purpose build:!YdW!bYYbYZ

5. Decently geared and don’t know what build to use?
- Try CM/WW

- Recommend 35% crit at the minimum, try to get 40% or higher.
- AoC is crucial. You can get this from your wizard helm/source/mainhand(wand).
- Stack lots of armor/res at a 1:10 ratio. Example, if you have 800 res, try to get 8000 armor.

- ~100k dps to run efficiently. You can make it work with less, but it probably won’t be the best spec you could be running.
- You need really high armor/res to deal with reflect, otherwise get lifesteal which only comes from your mainhand.
- You will often see people switch wormhole/frostnova for magicweapon/familiar because they need additional dps.

6. Don’t know where to farm?
- Farm act1 starting from the “Cursed Hold” so you get all the waypoints. When you are capable, do full act3 clears.
- Too long? Do Cydaea/Azmodan runs starting from “Heart of Sin” second quest.
- Bridge of Korrsik too hard? Start your game at “Kill Siegebreaker” so you get the waypoint to “Rakkis Crossing”.
- Everything is too hard? Just do Siegebreaker runs.

- The crit/IAS buffs will disappear when your follower dies. The armor buff from the enchantress is permanent.

Scoundral – If you don’t have a snare, the scoundral can apply decent crowd control if you give him a cold bow and stack him with IAS. Be sure to use triple shot.

Enchantress – Clear choice for most CM/WW specs

Templar – Has the benefit of being able to wield 1h+shield for more MF while the other followers are forced into 2h weapons.

List of MF weapons:
Three Hundreth Spear (1h)
Sun Keeper (1h)
Blade of Prophecy (2h)
Manajuma’s Ritual Cutter (WD only)
Won Khim Lau (Monk only)

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Diablo 3 Tips:- Cost of crafting GEMs

I know many people knowing this already. sharing is caring. If you want to know what’s the total cost when crafting, you could browse here too:- GEM-CALCULATOR

Rank 1 Chipped (Gems Start dropping in Act 2 Normal)
Lowest quality gem drop

Rank 2 Flawed
2 Chipped + 10 gold

Rank 3 Normal
2 Flawed + 25 gold

Rank 4 Flawless (Starts dropping in Act 1 Nightmare)
2 Normal + 40 gold

Rank 5 Perfect
2 Flawless + 55 gold and 1 Page of Jewelcrafting

Rank 6 Radiant
2 Perfect + 70 gold and 1 Page of Jewelcrafting

Rank 7 Square
2 Radiant + 85 gold 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting

Rank 8 Flawless Square (Highest Level Gem Drop)
2 Square + 100 gold and 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting

Rank 9 Perfect Square
3 Flawless Square + 30,000 gold and 3 Tome of Secrets

Rank 10 Radiant Square
3 Perfect Square + 50,000 gold and 6 Tome of Secrets

Rank 11 Star
3 Radiant Square + 80,000 gold and 9 Tome of Secrets

Rank 12 Flawless Star (Design Required)
3 Star + 100,000 gold and 12 Tome of Secrets

Rank 13 Perfect Star (Design Required)
3 Flawless Star + 200,000 gold and 15 Tome of Secrets

Rank 14 Radiant Star (Design Required)
3 Perfect Star + 400,000 gold and 20 Tome of Secrets

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Diablo 3 Tips :- How to screenshot Diablo 3…

Very simple:-
1) Press “Print Screen” on your keyboard
2) Open this folder on your PC/LAPTOP – “C:\Users\user\Documents\Diablo III\Screenshots”
3) Walla now you could see your screenshot.

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