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Diablo 3 Tips:- Cost of crafting GEMs

I know many people knowing this already. sharing is caring. If you want to know what’s the total cost when crafting, you could browse here too:- GEM-CALCULATOR

Rank 1 Chipped (Gems Start dropping in Act 2 Normal)
Lowest quality gem drop

Rank 2 Flawed
2 Chipped + 10 gold

Rank 3 Normal
2 Flawed + 25 gold

Rank 4 Flawless (Starts dropping in Act 1 Nightmare)
2 Normal + 40 gold

Rank 5 Perfect
2 Flawless + 55 gold and 1 Page of Jewelcrafting

Rank 6 Radiant
2 Perfect + 70 gold and 1 Page of Jewelcrafting

Rank 7 Square
2 Radiant + 85 gold 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting

Rank 8 Flawless Square (Highest Level Gem Drop)
2 Square + 100 gold and 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting

Rank 9 Perfect Square
3 Flawless Square + 30,000 gold and 3 Tome of Secrets

Rank 10 Radiant Square
3 Perfect Square + 50,000 gold and 6 Tome of Secrets

Rank 11 Star
3 Radiant Square + 80,000 gold and 9 Tome of Secrets

Rank 12 Flawless Star (Design Required)
3 Star + 100,000 gold and 12 Tome of Secrets

Rank 13 Perfect Star (Design Required)
3 Flawless Star + 200,000 gold and 15 Tome of Secrets

Rank 14 Radiant Star (Design Required)
3 Perfect Star + 400,000 gold and 20 Tome of Secrets

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Diablo3 Tips: How to make profit money from jewelcrafting

I believe many of players ignore this making money section so I’m sharing you this method.

1st of all you need to understand your cost:-

The costs of crafting gems in D3
This is how much it will cost you to craft the different grades of gems. I have only included the gems that don’t drop as loot. Tome of secrets sell for around 700 gold on the AH:

Perfect square gem (rank 9): 30,000 gold, 3 tomes of secrets
Radiant square gem (rank 10): 50,000 gold, 6 tomes of secrets
Star gem (rank 11): 80,000 gold, 9 tomes of secrets
Flawless Star gem (rank 12): 100,000 gold, 12 tomes of secrets
Perfect star gem (rank 13): 200,000 gold, 15 tomes of secrets
Radiant star gem (rank 14): 400,000 gold, 20 tomes of secrets

Knowing your market
By understanding your market, you’ll know how to profit from them. I had a look at the AH gem market and noted down some prices on perfect square, radiant square and star gems for all 4 colours.

Amethyst: 63,000 gold
Emerald: 66,000 gold
Ruby: 69,000 gold
Topaz: 63,000 gold

Amethyst: 243,000 gold
Emerald: 256,000 gold
Ruby: 274,000 gold
Topaz: 242,000 gold
Amethyst: 866,000 gold
Emerald: 978,000 gold
Ruby: 916,000 gold
Topaz: 948,000 gold

Selling calculation
If you buy three gems, combine them and sell the new gem, you need to have your costs of raw materials (the 3 gems + tomes of secrets) covered, you need to cover the crafting fee and you need to cover the 15% commodity fee! For example, going with the prices and costs above:

  • We buy 3 flawless square amethyst. They cost 4,000 gold each this morning. That’s 12,000 gold.
  • You combine them to a perfect square gem. This costs 30,000 gold and 3 tomes of secrets. So a cost of 32,000 gold all in all.
  • Total cost so far is 44,000 gold. In order to cover the 15% commodities fee, we need to sell at: 44,000 / 0.85 = 51,764 gold.
  • Perfect square amethysts sell for 63,000 gold. If we sell at this price, we get a profit of: (63,000 * 0,85) – 44,000 = 9,550 gold. This is pretty good and could net you a couple of hundred thousand gold a day, if you set a competitive price.

The example for amethyst also applies to emerald, ruby, and topaz. So you can make a profit, but it ranges between 3,000-7,000 gold.

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